How to select the Targeted Keywords – SEO

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The most important search engine optimization tip is to select Targeted keywords properly. There are a few things that you will need to go through in order to properly select keywords.Initially, you must discuss or make a research for keywords. Mostly people make a short (or long) list of keywords that they want to use, to find their own site. Certain steps while choosing effective keywords are:

Step 1
Make a small list of targeted keyword phrases. Begin with the words you most want to position for and develop sub-lists of keywords and words that get high volume and lower competitions. Execute queries with this tool and review the statistics to see competition as well as global and local search volume.

Step 2
Use title tags to assign a title for your web page. Create a long tail keyword phrases for your web page that contains a small range of targeted terms into a five-to-seven word phrase.

Step 3
Use title tags to split your text into main ideas and thoughts. Place keywords and its key phrases into the statements and make them to take a position out as more important than to the rest of the content. Headlines should be larger than its normal type face, so use them to separate ideas and emphasize those phrases to which people are likely to search for.

Step 4
Use your targeted keywords in the content that you create. Include at least one or two distinct keyword phrases in the first and second paragraphs in your content and spread more words and phrases throughout the page.

Step 5
Add your information and keywords to the Meta area of your HTML markup. Write your information as a complete sentence and make sure not to go beyond 100 characters. Arrange your keyword with respect to the highest volume.

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