SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

“SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization“. This is an online marketing
strategy that aims at ensuring websites rank high in search results of search engines
like google, yahoo and many others. Internet users tend to trust the information or
details that they find on the first pages of search engines. Unless they are especially
looking for a particular business, they tend to settle on the ones that rank first. Just
like any marketing technique, SEO has to be properly planned and done. Failure to
which, the organization does not grow. Here are some SEO mistakes that people

Failure to conduct sufficient keyword research:

Depending on a niche, there are certain keywords that internet users are
likely to use. Doing SEO Services without using relevant keywords is a silly thing as
the website will never appear when the missed keyword is searched for.

Using sites that can-not be properly indexed:

Spider programs and robots from search engines are designed to index a
site. If this is not possible, one cannot generate the expected traffic. Certain
aspects make it difficult for a website to be indexed.

Low value (no follow) back links:

Link building is an important marketing strategy in seo. However, the person
should also ensure that quality supersedes quantity.

Focusing to the search engine as opposed to site visitors:

As much as best SEO will attract good traffic, one should ensure that the
website content is worthwhile.

Failure to update the site regularly

Recycling content only bores the website visitors and it is only a matter of
time before traffic dramatically decreases.

Failing to link top pages

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