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Pay Per Click Advertising for your business

Pay Per click is a part of Digital Marketing. It was first launched in 1998 and as its name suggest “Pay Per Click” it means when someone click on your ad then you have to pay for that ad. You have to pay for every single ad by viewer that leads them to your website or product. This paying for advertisement got instantly hit and all Giant Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing adopt this process. This is one of the major way of getting more traffic for your website.

Googles Search Engine is called as Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Engine is called as Yahoo! Search Marketing. There are other Pay per Search Marketing are like Bing Ads. These Search Engines put your ad on a desired location, where they attract the potential viewer’s attention regarding their search interest.


By pay per click Advertising Scheme, Advertisers got a unique way to represent themselves. Nowadays, big company go for pay per click ads because it’s hit in the market and got more users than others. It is proven that viewers click on paid search ads more than any other digital advertising. Because in their Ad they represent themselves in such a good way that attract searcher’s interest. It gives the searcher their desired result that they are looking for.

We generate pay per click ads for our clients and they got desired Success from them. It is a process in which your budget leads you to a fast growing traffic. These ads are based on your keyword analysis on which you want to generate more sales. In Sonic Infosystem, Our team has good experience in bidding so by their skills they know which keywords are going for more clicks and more traffic.  We represents your ad in a way that your targeted audience can’t ignore them.


We make it sure that we help you to reach in a level, where you get success from both of your hands. We set proper set up for pay per click Campaign.

STEP I: Account Creation

First we understand your keywords and analyse you competitor’s strategy so that you can overcome them. After that our focus is on Auction Structure and how we are going to catch all of your target audience to you. The auction depends on your keyword current position and how much profit you are going to get from them and also on Quality Score.

STEP II: Maintenance

After bidding is set on your keyword. Bidding management allows us to keep our eye on our keyword performance graph on PPC. Our firm find out the best ways to get ROI from our clients company.