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“Your website should be straightforward, simple and smoldering. The visitors of your site should be able to identify about you and your services within 10 seconds; that’s the only time you have before they shut the window and navigate away. We create such miracles that happen in 10 seconds.”


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The First phase of website design is to have a proper communication/conversation. We start by discussing actually what you are looking for. We want to know about your opinions regarding what is important for your site, the designs you’ve got in your mind, the functionalities that your business needs in its website. Based on that, we will analyze the several possibilities that come from your requirements. It is an exciting part, packed with visualization and imagination. Regarding which colors you prefer? Your products details? Varieties of navigation links you prefer? We need to know each and every detail, so that at the end of this stage we can begin our work. Before starting the next stage we will give you a rough framework. This will be much like your site map, and will show you the several other elements and allows you to track its development in every stage.


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Now the important work begins, you will advise us about the content of your soon to be web site, which our trained content writers will develop a unique content for your website. Plenty of planning comes into this stage, and your rough framework will get a real frame. At this point the changes will start materializing. The next section consists of creation of a base design for the website. This part will include all the pages, respective design with their content. As soon as the base design get’s completed we will show you the base design. If you are having any issues regarding the web design or not happy with design, sidebar etc. We will be happy to again transforming into other design. We will move to our next stage only when you are completely satisfied. Approved Web Design will serve as a guide for the remaining website development, but we will continue to get your opinion in each and every step. You can also have an access to the site through our testing server, so that side by side you can monitor the progress at each and every step. Once you are pleased with website style, we’ll convert and build the pages using HTML – so that your content will be published in the internet – and perform CSS – so that, varieties of styles, fonts, structures can be displayed consistently.sonicinfosystem offers you to provide best Web Design India.

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This process seems to be finished; still some work has to be done. We would like to make you sure that your new website is fully functional and completely satisfying all your needs. This phase is Testing Phase in which your role is very important for us; if you deal with any problem we will monitor and remove that error from your website. We also assess cross-browser functionality, language, readiness for search engines, link and programming functionalities, spelling and so forth.As we know that during the website designing and website development phase logo design is must so,depending upon your choices sonicinfosystem also offers logo designing services for adding a one more shinning star in the website. Once the testing section is complete, all the web site files and scripts will be copied to your domain. We will give you all details of your site in a zipped file, including website logo,admin username & password.

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CD Safety Security Services - After getting some quotes I started working with Sonic Infosystem Site Solutions. I had very specific ideas of what I wanted the site to look like, as I had designed a new logo and wanted the theme for the site based on it. The design team at Sonic Infosystem really worked hard to make me happy, and I think they did a terrific job. They realized the look I wanted for the site and added their own ideas like the animated curve of icons on the home page and other flash features. It was a group effort and they made all the little changes and tweaks that must have seemed endless from me but made all the difference without a single complaint or argument.

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